You will get expelled if you do this

You will get expelled if you do this

Harry Potter found a dragon egg. He did not give it to Dumbledore.

He did ‘Lumos’ and looked through the egg, but there was no dragon inside. So he cooked it.

Then he ate the egg and found out that it was poisonous.

Luckily, he had a bit left over. So he put it in Draco Malfoy’s breakfast.

Strangely, the next day his skin started to get scaley. When he coughed, puffs of smoke came out. His back started to itch and a tail grew from his head. He was turning into a tail-headed dragon. (They come from the country of Bom-Boms. They are red and they hate everything except themselves.)

Meanwhile, Draco Malfoy—asleep—was having a strange dream about being a dragon and hating everything except himself. When he woke up his dream was true. He hated the rocks, he hated the socks, he hated the heads and he hated the beds. And he hated Harry most of all.

He tried to destroy Harry, but Dumbledore expelled him. When he left he destroyed the train (because he hated the train too).

The next day Harry started to hate everything, just like Draco Malfoy. He hated the socks, he hated the rocks. He hated the beds, he hated the heads. And most of all he hated Draco Malfoy.

Herminone went over and Harry said, “I hate you.”

Ron came over and Harry said, “I hate you.”

Ron looked at Herminone. “What’s wrong with him?”

“Well. I think he’s a tail-headed dragon. I’ll fix it. We just need something as bright as the sun to make the dragon disappear.”

“Okay,” Ron said.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNo” Harry said.

Harry disappeared.

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