Minecraft Commands 1.14.4

Minecraft Commands 1.14.4

here is 3 1.14.4 commands for minecraft

1. /execute command.

Just go /execute at (player name) run (your command) in a repeating command block.

For example /execute at @p run  setblock ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:yellow_wool.  which makes yellow wool appear under the nearest player.

2. The special mobs.

Go to Minecraft Tools and you will find a mob generator and a few other things, click on the generator. customize your mob, then copy the command into a command block and activate it. if you did a spawn egg you will get a spawn egg, if you did the default (summoning) you will summon a mob. if you pick a spawner beneath the command block there will be a spawner. And there’s your mob!

3. Potion Maker

Go to Minecraft Tools and go to the potion generator. customize your potion, then get a command block then past the command and activate it and get your potion! 


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